Slide-on dog tag

7,50  incl. tax

Stylish, classic and very subtle.
– A minimalistic dog tag.

Weight: 9 g.
Material: Brass with nickel-free silvering.
Size: 24 x 39 x 9 mm.
Hole for collar: 20 x 4.5 mm.

Does not fall off
This dog tag cannot fall off, as long as the collar is closed. It is made of one piece of metal and the collar is inserted through two holes in the dog tag. There is no ring that will rattle as the dog moves – and that can fall off.

Suitable collars
The dog tag can be used for flat collars with max. width of 20 mm. and max. thickness of 4 mm. This applies, for example, to a leather collar.
At one end, the collar should be able to be completely freed of clasp and the like, so that the flat collar can slip effortlessly through the holes of the dog tag.

The text in the upper line is bigger and thicker. Use it for text that needs extra attention – such as your phone number or dog’s name.
It will be the text most easily seen by a helping soul trying to get near a stray dog.


– Only engraved on one side.
– Proftag ensures that the text is centered and as large as possible.
– MAX 16 keystrokes pr. line.
– MAX 4 lines.
– Check your text: Is spelling and line breaks correct?

Shipping 1 – 2 workdays

All dog tags are shipped the day after we receive the order. Select delivery method and -duration during checkout.

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Weight 9 g