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Yellow ribbon: “Don´t approach this dog”

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A yellow ribbon on a dog’s leash signals that neither humans nor animals should approach the animal.

I like to meet other dogs and make nwe friends. It’s great to be allowed to sniff and play. – Preferably as free as possible.
My human mother started early with “social training”, as she called it. I did not quite understand what the point of “social training” was, but I loved it that time, and I still do. It has always been a pleasure for me to meet new people and other dogs. It makes me happy when a visitor drops by, or when strangers greet me during a hike in the forest or elsewhere. To me a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.

I know, that not all dogs are as laid-back, confident and easygoing as me. Some dogs are troubled to the core of their souls by strangers trying to pet them, or other dogs that come to say hello.
In those cases a yellow ribbon on the dog’s leash could keep away strangers and thereby contribute to at calm and enjoyable walk.

There may be many reasons, why you should not approach a dog  .

Maybe the dog is ill and needs rest. He/she might have an operating wound and should avoid making sudden movements, or might be suffering from anxiety. If a dog has had a bad experience with other dogs or with humans, it may take several years to get past the incident. – For some it may never disappear.

A yellow ribbon might also be attached to a dogs leash during training; for example if you need to practice obedience in public spaces. In such cases, attention from other people than the handler/owner is uncalled for – So if you see a dog yellow ribbon on the leash, it’s best to leave him/her alone.

The yellow ribbons are originally an You can read more about yellow ribbons here:

The yellow ribbon is originally a Swedish initiative. You can read more about it here: