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Traveling with a dog

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My family loves to go traveling with a dog. – Me. And I love it. I love being with my family. I think that’s the case with all dogs. We are herd animals and strongly attached to our flock. My family and I have visited most countries in Europe. I have my own passport and all the vaccinations that are required. I do not like to go to the vet. Mostly because I would rather like to play or take a nap. My veterinarian is quite nice to me. She has some delicious treats for me every time I go there.

Bring the dog

Not all families have the opportunity to go traveling with a dog. It places some demands on the travel form, vaccinations, accommodation, etc. In order to make it easier for other families to take their dog to travel, I will give advice on a dog life on the go in later blog posts. I would love it if more dogs could have the opportunity to travel well and safely with their families.

 Polo on a roadtrip in southern France
Polo on a roadtrip in France
Polo and family on bike ride to Bargemont.

When my family and I go traveling, we dont just drive around in our car. My family likes going for bike rides in the beautiful countryside. There is lots of picturesque landscape to look at for the two-legged members of the family and plenty of interesting smells to sniff for me. I am a big dog and I need to go for really long walks from time to time. Therefore, it suits me perfectly when my family brings me with them me on long hikes.

Here you see some pictures from my many trips abroad with my family. One of the pictures is from a lovely 12 km hike near Claviers, France. We visited the beautiful Saint Anne Chapel and enjoyed the wonderful views.