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Mans best friend – Now in school

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Dogs are often referrede to as “Man’s best friend”.
I , Polo, think that saying is suitable for me and every other dog, because we are incredibly reliable friends.

Since my parents bought me, we have without doubt been best friends.
They are both taking so good care of me, and are so filled with love. If I am lucky, I get to pick my snacks myself when my parents and I are visiting the pet store. I am taking good care of my mother and father, and I do what I can to put a smile on their faces.

My parents bring me to their job almost every day. They are working at the same company, which means I get to spend all day with my parents. I think it is great that my parents actually have the opportunity to take me with them, because then I don’t have to be on my own for too long.
The employees are always so kind and thoughtful, and the fact that they take time to play fetch with me, is something I truly appreciate. Studies shows, that having a dog at your job or at your educational institution, creates a positive environment and reduce stress.

School dog

Over the years, it has been more prevalent at the Danish elementary schools to have a dog referred to as a “school-dog”. The purpose of the school dog is to provide a positive tone and environment, in and outside the classroom. The dog is furthermore a good, apprehensive and reliable friend for those kids, who doesn’t have many close classmates.

Samson is a golden retriver like the school dogs Daisy and Thomas. He is wearing a multi-colored dog tag. Find id here.

The eight-year-old Golden Retriever dog, Thomas, has been a school dog for many years. Thomas’ owner is working as a teacher, and brings him to work every day for him to be with the kids.
With Thomas in class, the kids learn about caring and how to be there for one another. Because of Thomas’ presence, the kids are able to stay focused and concentrated for a longer time, than they used to.
Everyone can have a bad day from time to time.

The two-year-old Golden Retriever , Daisy, is a school dog as well. Just like Thomas, she joins her mother at work every day. Daisy was raised as a school dog. The kids have known her since their first day at school, and they are all feeling comfortable with her being around.

It is not easy to become a school dog. It requires something very special. Most of the school dogs are raised for the purpose, and must complete a very specific both physical and mentally training. The dog must be over two-years-old and needs to be able the handle all kinds of environments. It is mostly breeds such as Labrador or Golden Retriever. Both breeds are naturally calm and caring.

Do I have a future as a school dog ?

I wonder if I got what it takes to become a school dog, even though I am a Border collie.
It must be a wonderful feeling to help the kids. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, to affect my parent’s employees in the best positive way. Being able to put a smile on their faces every day, makes me happy.

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