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Molly saved after 10 months of loneliness

Dansk Deutsch

Picture of heart shaped dog tag with 4 lines.It is heartbreaking for me to think about how life must be without my father and mother – without my owners …

The unthinkable happened 10 months ago for little Molly – only 20 months old: She became separated from her new family after only having lived there for almost a day and she couldnt find her way back home.

Subsequently, Molly was unattended and uncared for during 10 long months. Several times she was seen by passers-by in the area around Horsens, where the shy dog-girl was hiding. She was very shy and let no one approach her. Therefore, the voluntary effort “Hundefælden” made a trap available for the rescue and Molly was caught.

At the animal shelter, they soon realized that Molly was not undernourished. But that was a long time ago she had been cuddled and taken care of. She stank like a dump and needed a bath.

Today Molly has a new family and a new home. She lives permanently with Susanne and Ole Harbo, who give her lots of care and long walks. The couple live in the countryside, and I’m sure Molly enjoys having room for play and running – just like myself.

Molly fits perfectly into the small family. She has ended up in a home with great experience with dogs. Which is really good, because an extra effort will be needed to make a shy ​​girl like Molly feel safe again. It’s great that Molly has found herself a good home and a new loving family.

I hope Mollys new family gives her a new dog tag rather quickly. – In an effort to make sure that she can be followed home if the accident happens again. A dog tag can be a great help if a dog gets lost. By reeding it you can find out where the dog lives and contact the owner. If one day you find a stray dog without an owner in sight, look for the dog tag. But it also requires the dog to be at ease with people getting close enough to him/her to let them read the dog tag –  and Molly was not.

My dog ​​tag has both the name and the phone number of my human parents, so I can quickly be taken home again if I get lost.