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International double dog show in DK 2019

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I’ve had a great weekend.
I spent most of the weekend in the company of my family, a good colleague (Nina) and lots of lovely dogs. We went to the Danish Kennel Club’s International Double Dog Show 2019 in the exhibition center Herning.

A lot of talented dogs and their owners had decided to meet up and show of their alibities at the venue. – And I was impressed!

I am an experienced gentle-dog of 3 years. And I really thought, I had seen what there was to see, and met all the kinds of dogs there was to meet. But I was wrong…

We met, a cute, cautious little Corgi and and a big, friendly Irish Wolfhound at an impressive 120 cm. and 90 kg.

It was a slightly unusual situation for me as I tend to be one of the bigger dogs in our neighborhood. But not today.

We brought back a giant trophy form the venue. We did not win it. We just used it to transport all lottery tickets. And later today we will find a winner of a Kay Bojesen mini-Abe. Who will it be …

By the way, I have become a photo model. We have a lot of fun with that. You can see me on various roll-ups and commercials.

I’m also the model for the new Slide-on dog tag.

Just look at that handsome dog on the stand below.