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Dog owners live longer

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The little Beagle Paul is wearing a green dog tag with a male gender symbol.
The little Beagle Paul is wearing a green dog tag with a male gender symbol.

I make life better for my father and mother. – I’m sure. What would they do without me?

The best part of the day is when my mother or father takes me out for a walk in the fresh air. Whether it’s a short walk in the neighborhood or a long walk in the woods, I just love to go outside. I breathe the fresh air, greet other dogs and sniff my way through the environment to find out if new dogs have passed by, that I have not met yet.

Whatever the weather, I love to come outside. Especially when we go somewhere, where I can get unleashed and run freely. When we are out walking, I often meet other dogs who are on tour with their parents.

I am not the only one who makes new acquaintances, -so does my mother and father. Most often they talk about us dogs. They tell funny stories about us or share good advice. I have noticed that the dog owners we meet on the road always have a smile on their lips and would like to greet. That way we get to know each other much better in the neighborhood.

Studies show that whether you are a Border Collie – like me – or a completely different breed, living with you makes your mother and father healthier and happier. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and depression, because living with a dog provides daily exercise and social interaction. With a dog in the home there is always someone to talk to. You are never completely alone when at home.

Although I am a couple of years old, I still like to chase a ball and sit on the lap of my mother or father. I might never get too old to sit on the lap. I don’t think so.

I get so excited when I make my parents happy. I love their eyes twinkling when I approach them eagerly after a long working day. And if they have time to hug me or play game of tag, then everything is just perfect.