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Lifetime warranty

At proftag, we now offer a lifetime guarantee on all our dog tags. This implies that if your dog tag breaks, bends or if the color falls off, then you can get a brand new dog tag with the same engraving at no charge. The Lifetime guarantee applies no matter how old your dog sign is. The dog tag just needs to be returned to us, so the only thing you might need to pay for is the freight.

The lifetime warranty applies no matter how old your dog tag is. The dog sign just needs to be returned to us, so the only thing you possibly need. pay for is the freight.

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International double dog show in DK 2019

I’ve had a great weekend.
I spent most of the weekend in the company of my family, a good colleague (Nina) and lots of lovely dogs. We went to the Danish Kennel Club’s International Double Dog Show 2019 in the exhibition center Herning.

A lot of talented dogs and their owners had decided to meet up and show of their alibities at the venue. – And I was impressed!

I am an experienced gentle-dog of 3 years. And I really thought, I had seen what there was to see, and met all the kinds of dogs there was to meet. But I was wrong…

We met, a cute, cautious little Corgi and and a big, friendly Irish Wolfhound at an impressive 120 cm. and 90 kg.

It was a slightly unusual situation for me as I tend to be one of the bigger dogs in our neighborhood. But not today.

We brought back a giant trophy form the venue. We did not win it. We just used it to transport all lottery tickets. And later today we will find a winner of a Kay Bojesen mini-Abe. Who will it be …

By the way, I have become a photo model. We have a lot of fun with that. You can see me on various roll-ups and commercials.

I’m also the model for the new Slide-on dog tag.

Just look at that handsome dog on the stand below.

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Traveling with a dog

My family loves to go traveling with a dog. – Me. And I love it. I love being with my family. I think that’s the case with all dogs. We are herd animals and strongly attached to our flock. My family and I have visited most countries in Europe. I have my own passport and all the vaccinations that are required. I do not like to go to the vet. Mostly because I would rather like to play or take a nap. My veterinarian is quite nice to me. She has some delicious treats for me every time I go there.

Bring the dog

Not all families have the opportunity to go traveling with a dog. It places some demands on the travel form, vaccinations, accommodation, etc. In order to make it easier for other families to take their dog to travel, I will give advice on a dog life on the go in later blog posts. I would love it if more dogs could have the opportunity to travel well and safely with their families.

 Polo on a roadtrip in southern France
Polo on a roadtrip in France
Polo and family on bike ride to Bargemont.

When my family and I go traveling, we dont just drive around in our car. My family likes going for bike rides in the beautiful countryside. There is lots of picturesque landscape to look at for the two-legged members of the family and plenty of interesting smells to sniff for me. I am a big dog and I need to go for really long walks from time to time. Therefore, it suits me perfectly when my family brings me with them me on long hikes.

Here you see some pictures from my many trips abroad with my family. One of the pictures is from a lovely 12 km hike near Claviers, France. We visited the beautiful Saint Anne Chapel and enjoyed the wonderful views.

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Mans best friend – Now in school


Dogs are often referrede to as “Man’s best friend”.
I , Polo, think that saying is suitable for me and every other dog, because we are incredibly reliable friends.

Since my parents bought me, we have without doubt been best friends.
They are both taking so good care of me, and are so filled with love. If I am lucky, I get to pick my snacks myself when my parents and I are visiting the pet store. I am taking good care of my mother and father, and I do what I can to put a smile on their faces.

My parents bring me to their job almost every day. They are working at the same company, which means I get to spend all day with my parents. I think it is great that my parents actually have the opportunity to take me with them, because then I don’t have to be on my own for too long.
The employees are always so kind and thoughtful, and the fact that they take time to play fetch with me, is something I truly appreciate. Studies shows, that having a dog at your job or at your educational institution, creates a positive environment and reduce stress.

School dog

Over the years, it has been more prevalent at the Danish elementary schools to have a dog referred to as a “school-dog”. The purpose of the school dog is to provide a positive tone and environment, in and outside the classroom. The dog is furthermore a good, apprehensive and reliable friend for those kids, who doesn’t have many close classmates.

Samson is a golden retriver like the school dogs Daisy and Thomas. He is wearing a multi-colored dog tag. Find id here.

The eight-year-old Golden Retriever dog, Thomas, has been a school dog for many years. Thomas’ owner is working as a teacher, and brings him to work every day for him to be with the kids.
With Thomas in class, the kids learn about caring and how to be there for one another. Because of Thomas’ presence, the kids are able to stay focused and concentrated for a longer time, than they used to.
Everyone can have a bad day from time to time.

The two-year-old Golden Retriever , Daisy, is a school dog as well. Just like Thomas, she joins her mother at work every day. Daisy was raised as a school dog. The kids have known her since their first day at school, and they are all feeling comfortable with her being around.

It is not easy to become a school dog. It requires something very special. Most of the school dogs are raised for the purpose, and must complete a very specific both physical and mentally training. The dog must be over two-years-old and needs to be able the handle all kinds of environments. It is mostly breeds such as Labrador or Golden Retriever. Both breeds are naturally calm and caring.

Do I have a future as a school dog ?

I wonder if I got what it takes to become a school dog, even though I am a Border collie.
It must be a wonderful feeling to help the kids. I am truly grateful for the opportunity, to affect my parent’s employees in the best positive way. Being able to put a smile on their faces every day, makes me happy.

Need to know more? – Read on:

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Dog owners live longer

The little Beagle Paul is wearing a green dog tag with a male gender symbol.
The little Beagle Paul is wearing a green dog tag with a male gender symbol.

I make life better for my father and mother. – I’m sure. What would they do without me?

The best part of the day is when my mother or father takes me out for a walk in the fresh air. Whether it’s a short walk in the neighborhood or a long walk in the woods, I just love to go outside. I breathe the fresh air, greet other dogs and sniff my way through the environment to find out if new dogs have passed by, that I have not met yet.

Whatever the weather, I love to come outside. Especially when we go somewhere, where I can get unleashed and run freely. When we are out walking, I often meet other dogs who are on tour with their parents.

I am not the only one who makes new acquaintances, -so does my mother and father. Most often they talk about us dogs. They tell funny stories about us or share good advice. I have noticed that the dog owners we meet on the road always have a smile on their lips and would like to greet. That way we get to know each other much better in the neighborhood.

Studies show that whether you are a Border Collie – like me – or a completely different breed, living with you makes your mother and father healthier and happier. Dog owners are less likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases and depression, because living with a dog provides daily exercise and social interaction. With a dog in the home there is always someone to talk to. You are never completely alone when at home.

Although I am a couple of years old, I still like to chase a ball and sit on the lap of my mother or father. I might never get too old to sit on the lap. I don’t think so.

I get so excited when I make my parents happy. I love their eyes twinkling when I approach them eagerly after a long working day. And if they have time to hug me or play game of tag, then everything is just perfect.



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Molly saved after 10 months of loneliness

Picture of heart shaped dog tag with 4 lines.It is heartbreaking for me to think about how life must be without my father and mother – without my owners …

The unthinkable happened 10 months ago for little Molly – only 20 months old: She became separated from her new family after only having lived there for almost a day and she couldnt find her way back home.

Subsequently, Molly was unattended and uncared for during 10 long months. Several times she was seen by passers-by in the area around Horsens, where the shy dog-girl was hiding. She was very shy and let no one approach her. Therefore, the voluntary effort “Hundefælden” made a trap available for the rescue and Molly was caught.

At the animal shelter, they soon realized that Molly was not undernourished. But that was a long time ago she had been cuddled and taken care of. She stank like a dump and needed a bath.

Today Molly has a new family and a new home. She lives permanently with Susanne and Ole Harbo, who give her lots of care and long walks. The couple live in the countryside, and I’m sure Molly enjoys having room for play and running – just like myself.

Molly fits perfectly into the small family. She has ended up in a home with great experience with dogs. Which is really good, because an extra effort will be needed to make a shy ​​girl like Molly feel safe again. It’s great that Molly has found herself a good home and a new loving family.

I hope Mollys new family gives her a new dog tag rather quickly. – In an effort to make sure that she can be followed home if the accident happens again. A dog tag can be a great help if a dog gets lost. By reeding it you can find out where the dog lives and contact the owner. If one day you find a stray dog without an owner in sight, look for the dog tag. But it also requires the dog to be at ease with people getting close enough to him/her to let them read the dog tag –  and Molly was not.

My dog ​​tag has both the name and the phone number of my human parents, so I can quickly be taken home again if I get lost.

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Active dog in France

Active dog with robust dog sign
Polo is a very active dog who needs a robust dog sign. Click on the image and see which one.

I am traveling with my mother and father in southern France right now.

It’s been raining a lot, but I like it. I’m an active dog who loves to move in the wild terrain, sniff to everything and get really dirty.

We go for long walks in the wild every day. We also cycle quite often, and I play hide and seek with my mother. I’m getting pretty good at that.

My mom and dad have picked olives for many days and that’s great, because then they are outside with me, and we play all day.

They throw sticks in every direction and I fetch them. It is great fun. Come rain or snow – I never get tired of this game.

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Yellow ribbon: “Don´t approach this dog”

A yellow ribbon on a dog’s leash signals that neither humans nor animals should approach the animal.

I like to meet other dogs and make nwe friends. It’s great to be allowed to sniff and play. – Preferably as free as possible.
My human mother started early with “social training”, as she called it. I did not quite understand what the point of “social training” was, but I loved it that time, and I still do. It has always been a pleasure for me to meet new people and other dogs. It makes me happy when a visitor drops by, or when strangers greet me during a hike in the forest or elsewhere. To me a stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.

I know, that not all dogs are as laid-back, confident and easygoing as me. Some dogs are troubled to the core of their souls by strangers trying to pet them, or other dogs that come to say hello.
In those cases a yellow ribbon on the dog’s leash could keep away strangers and thereby contribute to at calm and enjoyable walk.

There may be many reasons, why you should not approach a dog  .

Maybe the dog is ill and needs rest. He/she might have an operating wound and should avoid making sudden movements, or might be suffering from anxiety. If a dog has had a bad experience with other dogs or with humans, it may take several years to get past the incident. – For some it may never disappear.

A yellow ribbon might also be attached to a dogs leash during training; for example if you need to practice obedience in public spaces. In such cases, attention from other people than the handler/owner is uncalled for – So if you see a dog yellow ribbon on the leash, it’s best to leave him/her alone.

The yellow ribbons are originally an You can read more about yellow ribbons here:

The yellow ribbon is originally a Swedish initiative. You can read more about it here:



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Polo 2 years

Polo har fødselsdag - 2 år.Today I’m turning 2 years old. It doesn’t sound like much, but if I was a human, I would turn 24 years today. So I’m a grown-up now, or almost. I still like to behave like a puppy, and I’ll keep behaving like that until I’m about 3 or 4 years old.

I have a high level of energy, just ask my colleagues at the office, and I will probably never get rid of it – at times I’m pretty playful J For example, I have a Frisbee which I just love to catch in the air and my favorite ball which I really want to grab before it hits the ground for the second time. At the office I enjoy to chase golf balls and one of the many handballs they have bought for me. I’m also learning to walk trails… it’s a bit difficult, but I’ll probably learn it.

I belong to one of the world’s smartest dog breeds – if not the smartest J I can do a lot of commands, and some say that dogs like me, Border Collies, can distinguish up to 5.000 words. I’m not sure how many I can distinguish, but 5.000 words is a lot!
Every Monday my “mom” takes me to dog training and right now we are training obedience class C. I’m looking forward to graduating in November, but I am also a bit nervous – next level is obedience class B.

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Polo ist Onkel geworden

Polo er blevet onkeliIch bin zu einem Onkel für einen absolut wunderbaren Haufen Welpen geworden. Sind sie nicht schön?

Meine Mutter hat einen neuen Wurf. Wo sind sie lieb? Ich schaue sie gerne an und spiele mit ihnen.

Wo sind sie klein, und davon gibt es viele. Vielleicht ist dies meine Chance, mich als Hirtenhund zu drehen.

Ich hatte wirklich geglaubt, dass die Kleinen zu mir aufblicken wollten, jetzt da ich ein großer Bruder bin. Dass ich sie nachverfolgen konnte und dass sie eine kleine Herde sein könnten, um die ich mich kümmern konnte. – Aber nein. Es gibt eine Menge kleiner, fröhlicher und verspielter Schläfer …

Hier ist niemals Ruhe. Aber das ist schön Weil ich es liebe, wenn etwas Spaß macht.

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Finally summer holiday

My name is Polo and I am a working dog at Jydsk Emblem Fabrik.
In fact, I’m on work every day after my mom or dad has taken me for ar walk in the woods.

By race I’m a Border Collie. – I like to herd sheep . But usually, I do not meet enough sheep to herd.
But luckily, there are lots of funny humans for me to play with.

I’m really good at playing ball with everyone here … And I love watching football on TV.